Injury Prevention Week – children and road safety

21 Aug 2020

This week marks Injury Prevention Week, a campaign led by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). Today APIL share the staggering statistic that children aged 15 and under account for around 25% of pedestrian injuries and deaths on the road.

As adults we may take for granted that children know roads are dangerous and know how to act when around roads. However, this may not actually be the case.

In a study carried out by YouGov, commissioned for the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) as part of Injury Prevention Week, almost two thirds of parents felt that their children did not have a good understanding of the dangers of the road or concentrated when near roads. The President of APIL, Sam Elsby, went as far as to say that they had found that 1 in 8 parents said they were concerned for their child’s safety when near a road.

This is simply a staggering proportion and goes to show that things that become almost second nature as you get older, still need to be learnt at a young age. The most worrying statistic however comes from the Department for Transport who reported in 2019 that children aged 15 and under account for around 25% of pedestrian injuries and deaths on the road. There were 5,210 deaths or injuries of under 15s out of a total of 21,836 accidents involving pedestrians in 2019.

Statistics like this have led to safety campaigners calling for parents to teach their children the Green Cross Code, the same as they would spellings or their times tables. It is even in the Highway Code (rule 7) that children should not be allowed out on their own until they understand and can use the Green Cross Code.

There is a duty on pedestrians, whether young or old, to ensure their safety when near or on roads and knowing the Green Cross Code is just part of this. However it is not always the case that by being safe yourself, others around you will give the same courtesy and that is where accidents can happen.

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