Late Night Levy – update

22 Jan 2013

The date for the Late Night Levy (LNL) to start is coming ever closer, with the first licensing authorities most probably bringing them in around June 2013. Consultations start in March.

A levy will be payable if a premises licence permits the sale of alcohol during the specified hours, regardless of whether the operator actually opens during those hours.

The levy applies to the whole of the licensing authority's area, but may exempt:

  • specific types of premises, including theatres, bingo halls;
  • premises which only have longer hours on new year's eve.

There will be a specified period during which licence holders may apply for a free variation of their licence to reduce their hours.

Fees due will be payable at the same time as the annual fee. The amount of the levy is fixed by reference to the premises' rateable value with  Band C costing £1259 and Band D £1365. Non payment could result in suspension of the licence.

And what happens to the income that is generated from this levy?

70% of the net revenue will go to the police, who may spend it as they wish. 30% stays with the licensing authority, which must use it to tackle problems associated with the late night economy, including disorder and street cleaning.

Temporary Event Notices will not be affected.

Next steps

All licensing authorities need to decide whether to implement a LNL in their area.

Formal consultation by the authority . We are contacting authorities now to try and establish how many areas will be affected.

First consultations will be published in March 2013.

Implementation will be in June 2013 at the very earliest.

Will will post further updates as we learn more.