National awareness raising week – Identifying your aims and goals in the short term

26 Nov 2018

Resolution’s members are family lawyers and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes.

Members of Resolution encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family and in particular the best interests of children.

This week, the annual Awareness Raising Week focuses on how separating and divorcing parents can put their children’s best interests first and minimise the impact of conflict. In the spirit of promoting this theme, the Trethowans Family team are writing a series of short articles to assist parents contemplating or going through a separation process.

Identifying your aims and goals in the short term:

1. Do you want to work on your relationship and consider reconciliation?

You may like to approach a relationship counsellor or therapist to help you and your partner re-establish communication and identify the difficulties you are facing within your relationship so that you can work on resolving any issues.

2. If you are confident that the relationship has ended, do you need to establish some additional support for yourself to deal with the emotional impact of separation?

Do you think the children may need some emotional support from external providers such as through their school, a therapist or a counsellor?

3. Which process appeals to you to try and resolve any areas of dispute?

4. Discuss between you how you are going to tell the children and what you will tell them if you are trialling a temporary separation or a finite separation. Establish a form of communication for discussing the children.

5. Is it important for you to keep the children in their existing home? Which parent might leave the home, temporarily or long term in these circumstances and how will the children continue to spend time with that parent?

6. Is it important for you to keep the children in their existing school/nursery?

7. Consider your financial situation and your objectives for the financial division of assets/liabilities, particularly in the short term, so that you can agree how the rent/mortgage and utilities will be paid on an immediate basis.

It is undoubtedly going to be challenging at times to resolve some of these points, particularly the arrangements for the children and financial support for the family. We would recommend getting some legal advice sooner rather than later so that you can manage expectations and understand how you might go about resolving some of the tricky points in dispute. We offer an initial free 30 minute consultation to discuss the issues important to you and give you some early guidance.

Tomorrow, we write about the various processes you could engage with to resolve areas in dispute.

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