National awareness raising week – Long term goals and aims

30 Nov 2018

Our mini-series this week has focused on the arrangements you make in respect to your children on separation and what external support or advice you may need.

Even once you have agreed matters in respect of support (emotional and financial), communication and when each of you will spend time with the children, these arrangements are going to have to be fluid and continually evolve to ensure they meet the ongoing needs of the children.

It is reasonably foreseeable that over the course of time the family dynamics will change. This may be due to the introduction of a new partner (and potentially new step-siblings) or simply because the children are older and seeking greater independence. There may be family or social events that the children wish to attend either with or without one of their parents.

Regardless of your situation, it is unlikely that an arrangement agreed on separation will continue to be the best arrangement for the children many years into the future. It is therefore important to try and establish a “working relationship” with your former partner so that you can adjust and amend any arrangements to ensure that you work together to continue to put the children at the forefront of your decision making.

When revisiting arrangements it is important to be open minded and not rule out reverting to support mechanisms which assisted you at the time of your separation. This should not be seen as a step backwards. In addition, as the children get older, they are probably going to be more vocal with their views and ultimately will vote with their feet.

We hope that our mini-series in support of Resolutions’ National Awareness Raising Week has been helpful and informative.

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