New Beginnings

29 Jan 2018

Family Law Partners, Emma Wilders-Pratt and Juliet Mayhew recently held a fabulous New Beginnings Workshop for those who are contemplating separation.

The Workshop was designed to help those who attended tap in to their innate self confidence and strength, improve their self esteem and self belief, offer coping strategies, provide help to support their children to share their emotions and, most importantly, help them learn how to respond and enable them to promote the emotional and psychological well-being of their children.

“At Trethowans, we work closely with a number of experts to whom we refer our clients, who can offer therapeutic support and guidance where necessary, ensuring each client receives support holistically,” says Emma Wilders-Pratt. “We decided to hold this Workshop to those embarking on separation to give them the tools they need to help themselves and to cope with the breakdown of their relationship.”

“We are acutely aware that the legal and financial arrangements are not the only elements to consider following the breakdown of a relationship,” says Juliet Mayhew. “Equally important is how clients and their children are coping emotionally.”

One attendee of the New Beginnings Workshop said, “It is useful to feel I can take away things to put in practice straight away. Having my self confidence boosted has been really helpful. I feel I am going away with a greater sense of control over myself and for my son.”

One of the experts involved was Ashley Palmer, who is qualified as a Therapist, Family Mediator and Family Consultant. She has experience in working with people who are having difficulty coping with the emotions arising from being “single” again. She believes that talking to a qualified Therapist gives people the unique space to explore the difficult emotions and feelings they may be experiencing. “Each separation is different,” says Ashley, “but people can experience feelings of confusion, anger, sadness and loss. Regardless of whose decision it was to divorce or break up, separation can be overwhelming. Especially when the shared goals, love and support of a relationship ends, it can be helpful to understand what has happened and what this means.”

“What an amazing Workshop, I felt privileged to be there. Everyone came together to share and learn (even the self professed inhibited ones). When there is a safe space to talk about family separation and all of the incredibly difficult challenges it brings, it allows us to be more open. Not only open to hearing and sharing, but also open to learning more about the self and what possibilities there are for positive change. There were so many practical tools to take away and use at home with the children. Even those who had children aged in their 30’s could tailor the tools to learn more about themselves and also share the tools with their children’s children,” said Ashley Palmer.

Helen Johnstone, another of the experts involved is a qualified Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. “In my opinion, whether it be divorce, or any other upset or disruption in your life, the crux of the issue is communication. People use negative language and visualisation to imagine the worst case scenario, rather than looking positively for solutions to issues and focusing on what they really want to happen. The feedback from the Workshop was that they were able to see what was actually happening and drop their beliefs and negative thinking associated with the situation. They were able to see more clearly their own strengths and the actions they needed to begin to move forward positively. If we can allow ourselves to get a greater sense of perspective, by stepping into another’s shoes; bringing together the evidence of fact, rather than just what we are thinking, we can begin to truly communicate,”.

Trethowans offers a significant specialism in the area of Family Law. We have a large team of family solicitors and family mediators dedicated to alternative dispute resolution, finding solutions to conflict away from the Court arena. To arrange a free initial consultation with Emma or Juliet, or to attend one of our New Beginnings Workshops, contact Emma or Juliet on 01962 670677 or by email: or