New Guidance on Mandatory Licensing Conditions

04 Sep 2014

Please find below a link to Home Office Guidance issued yesterday on the revised mandatory conditions coming in to force from 1st October 2014.  The new Guidance has been issued to clarify and tighten up the 2010 mandatory conditions, and will apply to all on-licensed premises.

Points to be aware of include:

1. Responsibility for ensuring compliance with the mandatory conditions falls to:

a. The premises licence holder
b. The DPS
c. Any person aged 18 or over who is authorised to sell alcohol

2. The Order removes the exception for table meals from the prohibition on irresponsible promotions relating to the provision of unlimited or unspecified quantities of alcohol for free or for a discount.  Seek advice if you plan to offer free or discounted alcohol promotions.

3. An age verification policy, which has already been required since 2010 for all on-licensed premises (Challenge 21/25), applies to off sales where alcohol is sold online or by mail order. Identification should be shown at or before the point of service if requested.   For further information, refer to Annex A – Model Age Verification Policy.

4. Provision of small measures has been mandatory since 2010.  The Guidance now states that, as well as making small measures available (half pint of beer, 25/35ml gin and other spirits/125ml glass of wine) the responsible person must also make their availability clear on the menus, price lists or other printed material and ensure that these are available to customers on the premises eg at the bar.  The responsible person must be satisfied that the customer has been made aware of the availability of these measures. This does not apply to bottled beers and other alcohol sold in a securely closed container.


Karen Lush

Associate and Head of Licensing