New mesothelioma statistics make tough reading

27 Apr 2012

New statistics which show the mortality rates for England and Wales from 2006 to the end of 2010 have recently been released by the Office of National Statistics.

The figures show the geographical areas which have higher death rates from asbestos related cancer mesothelioma.

Highest Average Death Rates from Mesothelioma in the UK.  (Average for UK in same period is 2.5 per 100,000 people)

  1.  Barrow-in-Furness – 8.4.
  2.  Medway – 6.5.
  3.  Hartlepool – 6.4.
  4.  Thurrock – 6.0.
  5.  North Tyneside – 5.8.
  6.  Portsmouth – 5.5.
  7.  Newcastle upon Tyne – 5.3
  8.  South Tyneside – 5.2
  9.  Havering – 4.9
  10.  Sunderland – 4.9

Source: Age standardised mortality rate per 100,000 population where mesothelioma was the underlying cause of death, by Local Authority, England and Wales, 2006-2010 (Office of National Statistics).

Whilst Barrow-in-Furness tops the highest average death rates, in the south the average death rate in Portsmouth stands at 5.5 for this period, over twice the national average.

With large docks in both Southampton and Portsmouth, the South has seen a significant number of asbestos related diseases, including mesothelioma, being suffered. As a consequence numerous claims have been pursued against employers relating to negligent exposure of their employees to asbestos.

James Braund, Solicitor with Trethowans LLP, says "These new statistics confirm the significant amount of cases of mesothelioma in areas such as Portsmouth. They also raise new calls for a central compensation fund to be established to cover victims whose past employer is no longer trading and no appropriate insurer can be traced."

He adds "Claims relating to asbestos exposure can be fraught with complications, usually depending upon specialist experience as to the industry knowledge of asbestos during the time of exposure and more often than not requiring extensive steps to be taken to locate an appropriate insurer. As such it is important that anyone suffering from the effects of asbestos exposure and considering making a claim contacts an experienced and specialist solicitor as soon as possible."