New tribunal in Scotland for landlord vs tenant disputes

10 Sep 2013

A new tribunal will be set up in Scotland to act as a specialist decision maker for disputes between landlords and tenants in the private rented sector.

Scottish housing minister Margaret Burgess said: ‘By introducing a specialist private rented sector tribunal tenants and landlords will benefit from a more accessible and specialist decision maker for their disputes. This will enable increased access to effective justice.’

Unfortunately, social landlords are not included in this scheme. The Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland said it was disappointed, pointing out that the majority of housing cases being heard in the courts involve social landlords. The institute will ‘continue to argue for a housing tribunal system to operate across all housing tenures.’

Robert Wassall, a Partner and head of social housing at Trethowans Solicitors commented; "The decision of the government in Scotland to introduce this new tribunal is a small step in the right direction and it is to be hoped that a similar tribunal will be introduced in England. The courts are seldom the best venue to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants in the rented sector."