Non payment of annual fee can result in suspension of licence

10 May 2012

From 25th April 2012, premises that fail to pay their annual fee on or before the due date will receive a notice of suspension of Premises Licence.

The Licence will not be reinstated until the fee has been paid.

If the premises continues to carry out licensable activities (eg the sale of alcohol, late night refreshment etc) an offence of carrying on unauthorised licensable activities is committed under the Licensing Act 2003.

Annual fees are payable on a specified date, usually the anniversary of grant of the Premises Licence. The licensing authority sends out a reminder letter, usually about a month before the payment is due.

A 21 day “grace period” may be given, if:

•  There has been an administrative error;

•  The holder notifies the licensing authority in writing prior to the relevant date disputing the liability, or the amount of the fee.