PI insurers expect rise in claims against solicitors

16 Oct 2012

It has emerged that professional indemnity insurers are expecting an increase in the number of claims made against solicitors arising from badly handled personal injury claims.

Last month saw a well regarded insurance firm successfully sued for professional negligence arising out of the conduct of a personal injury claim. Professional indemnity insurers do not expect this to be the last such high profile example.

According to The Bristol Post, 54 year old Kenny Jordan will recover £500,000 plus legal costs as a result of a professional negligence claim. He had been left in a wheelchair after an accident in 2004. His personal injury claim was settled for £512,000 but it was alleged that his personal injury solicitors never went to see him and, despite his life changing injuries, never obtained any expert evidence. It was further alleged that his solicitors never took a detailed witness statement. Mr Jordan's professional negligence solicitors felt that his personal injury claim was worth at least £1million.

Insurers believe that some law firms reliance on under-qualified staff, a lack of face to face contact with clients and a failure to understand medical reports all contribute to a trend of increasing numbers of claim. Forthcoming changes to litigation funding are likely to increase financial pressures further.

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