Pick the right conveyancing solicitor or face the ‘knock on the door’

16 Oct 2013

Choose the wrong conveyancing solicitor and face the dread of that 'knock on the door' when a neighbour or the Council accuse you of doing something your conveyancing solicitor should have discovered and warned you about.

A big omission by those seeking conveyancing quotes would seem to be failing to ask who will be handling the legal work. Are they actually a qualified lawyer, for example, a solicitor or chartered legal executive? Surely they must be. But so often, they are not. So often the desire for the 'cheapest price' glosses over more important details of a good conveyancing quote – such as who will be acting for you. And the legal businesses not offering actual solicitors or chartered legal executives know this, and some can capitalise on this to their advantage – charging the same fee as if you had.

The Law Society are currently promoting the importance of choosing an expert conveyancer – a solicitor – and to do this by their accreditation of Solicitor Firms under their Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

In addition, the Law Society are promoting their Lexcel Accreditation too.

However, even with those two accrediations out there to protect you, you must resist any pressure to be farmed off, sometimes out of county, to a conveyancing outfit (with no admission they may in fact own that conveyancer, or receive huge cash back for passing your business to them, or that they will not be actual solicitors or chartered legal executives) on the pretext that a local solicitor will be will be busy and unavailable.