Shop around for your professional services

31 Oct 2011

On Thursday 6 October 2011 the Legal Services Act 2007 came into force. This Act will have significant impact on the provision of legal services in England and Wales.

The Act will enable any business to provide legal work, rather than just the traditional law firms. The aim is to offer more choice and better value for the public by increasing competition. The changes have been nicknamed "Tesco Law" as it may become possible to "shop" for all your professional services from one provider.

It is arguable that the changes will open up the legal services market and will offer the consumer a greater choice. However, Frances Gillett , a personal injury lawyer at Trethowans Solicitors says; "There is a potential for the market to become flooded with businesses offering legal services and therefore consumers will have to become more savvy to ensure that those acting for them have the relevant skills, experience and specialist expertise to deal with their legal matters".