Slow conveyancing equals bad PR

25 Aug 2015

Conveyancers are instructed to buy or sell a property. That is the brief, the end result. The longer they take, the less popular they will be in the eyes of their clients, but also in the eyes of fellow conveyancers, their clients, the estate agents and mortgage advisers.

You would think all conveyancers would be fast, as when we complete we get paid.

True enough, the reason for a slow legal process may be nothing to do with the efficiency of the conveyancer. They may be highly efficient, having spotted a legal defect which needs correcting before they can advise their client to proceed.

But no one will know that if the conveyancer also fails to communicate why things are going slowly.

Consequently, the clients of a slow uncommunicative conveyancer will tell ten friends how slow they are, they will curse the company who recommended the conveyancing firm, and opposing law firms will tell their own clients and estate agents that that law firm are being slow.

Not the PR any business can stand in the present climate, or ever. Not in the world of social media.

Just ask Estate Agents how slow some conveyancers can be. There is nothing worse for them that having spent all their time putting together a deal, only to face a slow solicitor threatening everything falling apart.

The solution: communication, and a dynamic approach. Keep your client, the estate agent, and the opposite conveyancers informed of what is happening. Offer solutions not just enquiries. And be available to update any party who needs reassurance.