Tedworth House Recovery Centre – Home of Help for Heroes Support Hub

14 Jun 2019

Tedworth House is a recovery centre in the South of England. It is also the home of Help for Heroes Support Hub.

Tedworth House supports those who have been wounded, injured or sick whilst serving in the Armed Forces to assist them towards leading an active and independent life.

The support offered to those who attend Tedworth House include, courses to assist in rebuilding their lives – this can be educational courses, work placements or recreational; medical appointments including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, counselling, mindful wellbeing and sporting activities.

The Help for Heroes Support Hub provides all members of the Armed Forces, serving and veterans access to charities and agencies all under one roof to provide them with easy accessible support.

Trethowans Legal Clinic

Trethowans holds a legal clinic at Tedworth House the first Wednesday of every month between 12.00pm and 1.00pm.

I work within the Personal Injury Team and have ran these clinics for many years, as I believe we should all give something back to those who risk their lives to protect us and others.

Trethowans do this by offering a legal clinic once a month at Tedworth House. The residents and those visiting are able to drop in and speak to me or a colleague or they can arrange an appointment.

Our clinics are not just for the residents and visitors, I am happy to discuss any matters with staff and/or family members.

As a firm we are flexible in meeting the needs of those who need our help, whoever they may be.

Limitation Dates

What we cannot always guarantee is that we will be able to help everybody. This may be for a number of reasons.

The most common reason is you have missed the deadline for bringing a claim, this is called a limitation date.

A limitation date is the date you have within which an individual has to bring a claim. The limitation dates differ from enquiry to enquiry. For example if you wish to bring a personal injury claim due to an accident at work or a road traffic collision, you have 3 years from the date of the incident/date of knowledge within which to either settle a claim or issue court proceedings to protect you.

There appears to be a misconception that because you are an Armed Forces Personnel, whether you are still serving or off sick waiting to be medically discharged, you are exempt from the limitation dates which apply. This is incorrect.

You can also bring a claim whilst still serving in the Armed Forces or whilst you are waiting to hear whether you are entitled to any compensation from the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

Speak to us and if you are not entitled to bring a claim for any reason, we will tell you. We are a firm who believes in straight talking so you know where you stand. Our interest is in doing what is right by you.

Double Recovery

If you do bring a personal injury claim and you have received compensation from the Armed Forces Compensation Authority and/or are receiving benefits as a direct result of the injuries you sustained, these would need to be taken into consideration when reaching a settlement as you are unable to receive compensation twice for the same injury.

Other Services

Although I attend Tedworth House as part of the Personal Injury Team, I am also there to take enquiries relating to other matters.

As a firm we offer a wide range of services from matrimonial/family matters; house purchases/sales; Wills and probate and commercial property in addition to personal injury matters.


Adele Martin