Temporary event notices

18 Jun 2012

The introduction of the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act in April 2012 brought important changes to the TEN regime. Key points to note are as follows:

  • Maximum duration of a single TEN is 168 hours/7 days;
  • Total number of TENs allowed for a single premises is 21 days pa;
  • “Late TEN” applications accepted with 5 working days’ notice in exceptional circumstances. Annual cap of 10 per personal licence holder/2 for anyone else;
  • The usual notice period is 10 working days;
  • Both police and EHO may object, on any/all licensing objectives (not just crime & disorder as previously). They have 3 working days to object;
  • A valid objection voids the TEN. No hearing, no appeal;
  • Conditions on a Premises Licence can be attached to any TEN granted to that premises. A “statement of conditions” must be given to the applicant at least 24 hours before the event;
  • Expect more objections and/or conditions, even to TENs for regular events that have been trouble free in previous years;
  • Applications for TENs during the Olympics should be made as soon as possible! Check your local licensing authority’s website for details.