Temporary Protocol created during Covid-19 Pandemic following ABI initiative

31 Mar 2020

As we find ourselves in unprecedented times, the groups who represent a vast majority of legal practitioners in the personal injury sector have come together in a joint effort to reach an agreement to freeze limitation periods for a short period of time whilst the outcome of the pandemic is unknown.

In an initiative led by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), parties from both sides of the Claimant/Defendant divide have come together to agree that, whilst practitioners are being forced to work from home and cases are not able to be dealt with “within normal circumstances”, an amnesty has been put in place in relation to limitation dates, the time by which a case needs to concluded or Court proceedings issued, meaning that should a case be coming up to its limitation date in the near future, the parties can agree that this date can be extended and it will be extended until at least the end of the new Coronavirus Protocol period, which is 20 April 2020.

This date may change further as the parties are due to meet again on 13 April 2020 to see whether further agreements need to be put in place and whether the limitation date amnesty requires extension.

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James Gleisner

Chartered Legal Executive