The Corporate Machine

30 Aug 2017

Collaboration lies at the heart of any corporate deal, requiring multiple teams and advisors, both internally and externally, to work together to achieve the client’s aims.

A corporate transaction is likely to involve advisors from both tax and accountancy fields, to provide advice on the structure and financial aspects of the deal. If corporate finance advisors are engaged they provide a key role in deal origination and then managing the moving parts of a transaction, liaising with various networks to ensure that the required advisors can assist in making the deal happen. In addition, many corporate transactions deal with aspects of property, employment, banking and other areas of law. With this many advisors involved in a deal, it is important to collaborate and share information effectively throughout the deal process to produce the best result for the client.

A corporate deal process begins by producing heads of terms, which can require liaising with the various external specialists to determine the price, commercial terms and other points which are important for the parties to agree before entering into the transaction. This is followed by the due diligence process, where the seller provides information about the company or business to the buyer, for them to review, consider and ask any further enquiries to determine the nature of the business that they intend to purchase. This is where the various specialisms within Trethowans’ teams can assist in determining any issues brought to light during the due diligence review.

Whilst the due diligence process is ongoing, the core acquisition documents are drafted and negotiated. This involves numerous advisors to input on the various warranties, indemnities, and other issues across multiple practice areas

Working together effectively is at the heart of any successful corporate transaction. It is vital that teams work effortlessly together to provide a unified approach for the client, regardless of their location. With this collaborative approach, the corporate team at Trethowans are able to provide a cohesive legal service across all their offices and practice areas, whilst working with key advisors to ensure the client’s aims are achieved at completion.


Mark Nixon