The importance of including Digital Assets in your Will

22 Nov 2011

A poll of 2000 adults found 25% had more than £200 worth of films, video and music stored online.

The way we handle our data is changing. CD collections are being discarded in favour of a music library online, films are being ordered from an online account rather than a visit to Blockbuster and Paypal balances are increasing with more people using it as a source of storing funds online for internet purchases.

When making a Will it is important to take charge of these digital assets while a person is still alive. These assets need to be taken into account and a clear record of online accounts, files and passwords kept and safely stored so that the executors of an estate can appropriately deal with them. The information should be stored separately with your Will so that they can be stored safely without the risk of them being lost or stolen and updated as necessary at no extra cost.