The Law Society stresses the need for quality conveyancing solicitors

29 Nov 2012

The Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) provides a quality standard for residential conveyancing solicitor firms. It recognises the integrity of the firm’s key conveyancing staff, their adherence to good management standards and their efficient conveyancing procedures through the scheme’s imposed standards that a conveyancer must follow.

Members of the public can even locate their nearest CQS Solicitors firm by checking this website:

But how many members of the public know about the Scheme? Are they even told about the Scheme when asking for a recommendation of a conveyancing solicitor?

The legal work involved to help someone move home is crucial. Make mistakes over documenting ownership, and the house can fail to even be yours. Forget about whether damp was not spotted by the surveyor, or the Estate Agent could have secured an extra £2,000 by better negotiation, or your mortgage adviser missed a better mortgage rate. None of that matters now – as the inefficient conveyancer made a huge mistake.

One has to question why after decades of having registered land, with houses changing hands multiple times, that mistakes are still found in title deeds. The quality of the conveyancer. Why house moves abort because of delay and procrastination. The quality of the conveyancer. Why your legal bill was higher than quoted to you. The quality of the conveyancer. Why home moving is stressful as you can never get through to your conveyancer, or they never call you back. The quality of the conveyancer.

The quality of conveyancing and convceyancers varies wildly in the market place. The Law Society recognise that, and embers of the public should therefore seek out a conveyancer who can pre-empt delay, who can offer solutions and who is prompt. Examples of this will include:

–  Regular communication, offering their personal telephone number and email address – not a website on some far way site for tick box action steps taken.

–  They have a recognised qualification such as being an actual Solicitor or Chartered Legal Executive – after all, conveyancing is one of the highest areas for legal mistakes, due to the sheer quantity of law governing home ownership and transfer. If your conveyancer is not qualified in the job, the risk lies with you.

–  Offering you a single named and personal conveyancer from start to finish.

–  Without closing for lunch or dead at 5pm.

–  Consider a conveyancing solicitor with Lexcel accreditation.

But choosing the wrong conveyancer can be spotted soon enough, by such things as:

–  Never being available or failing to return calls.

–  Waiting for all the conveyancing searches to arrive back before sending any enquiries out to the Selling lawyers – wasting all that time beforehand.

–  Taking days and days to even prepare and send out legal papers.

–  Using post rather than more immediate means (i.e email telephone and fax).

The Law Society highlight the need for it in the conveyancing market, Estate Agents desire it when identifying their best conveyancers and even many conveyancers themselves wish so many of their fellow colleagues would adopt it. Quality.