The Pensions Bill 2011

10 Oct 2011

The Pensions Bill heralds significant changes in pensions law and practice which will affect most businesses and millions of lower/middle income workers.  When the Bill comes into force next year, it will:

The Pensions Bill is likely to affect most, if not all, businesses.  There will be a lot of grumbling but the legislation has been in the pipeline for several years and it survived the change of Government last year so it seems safe to assume it is here to stay.  It should be on every businesses’ radar and at the top of HR Directors’ and Finance Directors’ to do lists.


We will shortly publish an Employer’s Guide to the forthcoming rules.  It will be essential reading for those coming to this topic for the first time and a useful point of reference to those who have already started thinking about it.


Further details will be announced on our website soon.