The truth behind unsolicited texts

13 Dec 2012

A recent letter published in the Daily Mail entitled ‘Ambulance chasers’ highlighted the recent practice of unsolicited text messages encouraging recipients to make a personal injury claim for accidents they haven’t had. 

There is a misconception that these texts originate from lawyers or personal injury firms.  This is not the case.

Deborah Evans, Chief Executive of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) said: “Everyone who has received an unsolicited text, including myself, is naturally frustrated. Such texts are not from lawyers, as they have long been bound by strict rules which prevent them from cold calling and cold texting”.
“These irritating text messages feed a public misconception about personal injury and fuel misunderstandings about who is entitled to make a claim for compensation. For example, it is not possible to simply ‘have a go’ for any injury, negligence must be proven. Let’s remember that a genuinely injured person may need to make a claim to put his life back on track, and must not be made to feel ashamed for doing so.”