Trethowans revs up good deeds at Silverstone

30 Sep 2016

Lawyers from Trethowans accelerated their mission to complete 150 good deeds by helping people with brain injuries experience the thrill of riding motorbikes.

Staff from the law firm, which has offices in Poole, Salisbury, Southampton and Winchester, headed to the famous Silverstone track to lend a hand to charity The Bike Experience as part of their bid to complete 150 good deeds in Trethowans’ 150th year.

The Bike Experience helps disabled people ride an adapted motorcycle in the safety of a private track and Trethowans’ Halina Tomlinson, a trustee of the charity, was quick to offer a team of helpers when she heard about the event at Silverstone.

“It’s such a fantastic charity that makes a real difference,” she said. “The joy in people’s faces when they ride is profound and you can see it in their eyes through the helmets.”

Halina, along with a team of volunteers from Trethowans personal injury team, spent the day helping riders get into their kit and mount the motorbikes. They also helped to ‘launch’ and ‘catch’ the riders as they tried out the specially adapted bikes. Those taking part suffered from various levels of brain injury, with some in wheelchairs and some only able to communicate through sign language.

Halina said: “The riders kept persevering time after time, gradually gaining in confidence despite having to overcome their own difficulties. It was a truly memorable day and a very humbling experience to be a part of.”


Halina Mitchell