What can you do when your conveyancer goes on holiday?

21 Feb 2014

Early signs of a busy conveyancer might be the delegating of tasks to non-qualified support staff.  Imagine the situation when the conveyancer then goes on holiday.

Your conveyancer could well have a holiday planned during your transaction. There is nothing wrong in them having a holiday – conveyancers work under great pressure meeting clients' timescales send sharing in their client's emotions during a house move.

But will their absence affect your house move?

It could and dramatically.

  1. Think carefully whether a 'one man band' conveyancer will provide sufficient cover for your transaction and the many others being juggled by that conveyancer.
  2. Consider whether the reply "oh we will get a locum" will inspire you with confidence that the locum will be anything more than pushing paper for the duration, unfamiliar with the law firm, their systems and your file. Will they be dynamic?
  3. On the other hand, will your conveyancer work in a team surrounded by colleagues who are also as qualified – the more experienced such as actual solicitors will of course be able to pick up things quickly – and experienced so as to seamlessly step is to offer holiday cover?
  4. How reassuring is your proposed conveyancer when you ask what holiday cover they provide? Do they say a named experienced solicitor colleague will look after you for the whole time and will they provide that person's email and direct telephone number?

Holiday season is nearly here. Pick your conveyancer wisely.