Why would a law student want to be a conveyancer?

27 Apr 2015

Ask a conveyancer why they enjoy their job, and you will hear such positive things as:

– the interaction with so many clients and their personalities during the year

– the joy that your actions help people move into their homes

– the use of so much law – contract, tort, property, trust, employment, litigation, wills, probate

– the challenges of not making mistakes (conveyancing being one of the highest areas for professional negligence claims)

– the feeling of self worth within their legal business due to being able to be profitable and very quickly

– the interaction with dynamic/friendly estate agents

– the feelings of accomplishment when working to and meeting deadlines

But conveyancing is not without it's demands. With ever increasing price cutting by non-solicitor businesses in the conveyancing market – yes, the public can unwittingly have a non-solicitor firm handling their conveyancing – profit is maintained by conveyancers taking on more and more clients and such juggling can be stressful.

This consequential fast pace of moving from client file to the next file can leave little time for many conveyancers to think, certainly little time for breaks, lunch or otherwise. And with legal fees as low as they are, imagine the amount of work the conveyancer has to do to bring in revenue equivalent to less taxing but higher paid legal areas.

However, a busy conveyancer is a poorly managed/self-managed one. Knowing ones own limit is key; not accepting further work, but instead, channelling to a colleague (thus helping to grow the wider team around them). How often you discover an overworked conveyancer. Not an example to anyone.

Consequently, whilst not suited to every budding law student, it will suit those who can work at pace, who are methodical, who enjoy interaction/working with fellow professionals in the property market, who enjoy helping private individuals, who are technically accurate at a wide range of law, and of course, who know they can be profitable within their law firm, almost instantly.