Employment Alert – Workplace Coronavirus Guidance Updates

17 Sep 2020

Workplace Coronavirus Guidance Updates

What’s happening?

The Government has updated its guidance to employers explaining the safety measures they will be expected to put in place for staff at work. The industry specific guidance has been updated to include 14 different workplace settings (initially only 8 settings were included).

Why is this important?

The Government had previously encouraged employers to allow staff to work from home if they were able to do so. However, the emphasis in more recent guidance is that many staff should be able to return to work safely, provided that appropriate safeguards are put in place.

Each employer must decide what it is right for its own business, but if you determine that you do wish staff to return to the workplace, it’s important that appropriate safety measures are considered and put in place beforehand to ensure that the workplace is Covid secure.

The extension of the industry specific guidance to 14 workplace settings should enable all employers to assess and manage the risks associated with staff returning to the workplace.

What should you do?

1. Review the relevant guidance applicable to your industry and ensure your workplace is Covid Secure.

2. Consider if, how and when you will be requiring your staff to return to the workplace.

3. If staff will be returning, implement the safety measures that are set out in the guidance and make your staff aware of these measures.

4. Keep any such measures under review, taking into account updated guidance.

5. Consider and take into account any particular issues that your employees may have, for example individual health, travel or childcare issues.


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Andrew Crudge