Your home move, and the avoidable two week delay

18 Aug 2015

Sounds easy, doesn’t it; the selling lawyer receives verbal instructions to handle the legal work in selling the client's home, they immediately go onto the Land Registry website to obtain a copy of the registered title deeds from which they type up the contract papers, dispatching them to the buyers' conveyancer….that same day.

Yet, all too frequently it takes two weeks.

But why?

Because the above is dynamic conveyancing.

Instead, selling lawyers will post to their clients a letter with their terms of business, and will wait for their client to reply, often demanding money on account before they lift a finger to progress the legal work they were instructed to start. Then the lawyer will take their time to locate the deeds on the Land Registry website, and by the time the buyer's lawyer hears anything, 10-14 days have been lost.

The approach of this Firm is the dynamic one. Insist on that from your conveyancer, failing which, we would be pleased to act for you.