Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

A diagnosis of cancer and treatment for the disease is difficult for a patient and their family. If it is then discovered that there was a delay in diagnosis or that the treatment had not been carried out properly, it is devastating for people already having to cope with illness.

If these circumstances arise, we can help by investigating what has happened and, if it was negligent, bring a claim for compensation on your behalf. Whilst we cannot change what has happened, we can help by getting answers for you and financial support for you and your family.

We have acted in cases relating to different types of cancer including cervical cancer, breast cancer, sarcoma, lung cancer, abdominal cancers, melanoma, bowel cancer and lymphoma.

Misdiagnosis and/or delay in diagnosis can include:

  • failure by a GP to refer a patient with abnormal symptoms to hospital for tests
  • failure by a hospital to carry out tests correctly
  • failing to do the correct tests
  • misreading/misinterpreting investigations and tests such as failing to analyse smear tests correctly, failing to interpret biopsies taken, failing to test for tumour markers
  • misinterpreting radiology such a CT scans and MRI scans causing tumours or malignant cell changes to be missed
  • failing to carrying out a colonoscopy correctly or misinterpreting the results
  • failure to act on and investigate abnormal
  • findings from tests
  • failure by hospitals to follow up on tests

Mistreatment can include:

  • administering the wrong dose or type of chemotherapy
  • performing surgery incorrectly by removing the wrong part of the organ or the wrong organ
  • performing surgery incorrectly by failing to achieve clearance of the malignancy
  • performing the wrong type of surgery or using the wrong method
  • failure by a district hospital to refer a cancer patient to a specialist cancer centre for treatment thereby causing the patient to fail to have the correct specialist treatment
  • failing to advise the patient on their treatment options in circumstances where there are alternative treatment paths
  • failing to obtain informed consent from a patient

We are regularly able to assist clients on a no win no fee basis. To arrange a consultation with one of our experienced clinical negligence lawyers regarding your cancer negligence claim, call us on 0800 2800 421 or submit a quick contact form to arrange a callback.

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