Surgical Negligence Claims

Sometimes surgery goes wrong. If this is because of negligent treatment, then it is possible to make a surgical negligence claim. Our experienced surgical inury solicitors can help you prove surgical error and pursue a surgical negligence claim for compensation.

Any surgery comes with risks and if there is a complication then this does not automatically mean that a mistake has been made. It is possible for known complications to occur during any surgery. However, if something goes wrong which should not have happened and was caused by a surgical error, then you may have a claim. We can help you investigate this.

Negligent errors can occur in all types of surgery, including:

  • orthopaedic surgery
  • general surgery
  • spinal surgery
  • abdominal surgery
  • vascular surgery
  • cardiac surgery
  • colo-rectal surgery
  • reconstructive and plastic surgery
  • bariatric surgery

Examples of where you could make a surgical negligence claims include:

  • amputating the wrong limb or removing the wrong organ – these are referred to as “never” events by the NHS meaning that they should never happen but sadly they do
  • perforating an organ during surgery
  • failing to realise that an organ such as the bowel has been perforated and failing to repair it in theatre before the end of the operation
  • failing to realise that a perforation has occurred when the patient is back on the ward, consequently the patient deteriorates, suffering from septicaemia
  • failing to repair the damage during the surgery
  • causing nerve damage during surgery
  • failing to perform the surgery to a reasonable standard
  • transecting an organ during surgery such as the bile duct

If you have suffered further injury as a result of surgical error, our team of experienced surgical injury solicitors can help. Our surgical injury solicitors will work alongside you to build your case and make a surgical negligence claim and help you get the compensation you are due. Contact our team today on 0800 2800 412 or fill in our quick contact form to arrange a callback.

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