Case Study Practice: Road Traffic Accidents

Successful claim following career altering RTA

October 21, 2019

James Gleisner successfully concluded a road traffic accident case.

Five Figure Settlement for Victim of Road Traffic Accident

May 17, 2019

James Braund, specialist Personal Injury solicitor, recently settled a personal injury claim for a lady lacking capacity for a significant five figure sum.

Road traffic accident – bicycle collision

October 24, 2018

Our client was involved in accident when he was knocked off his bicycle by a car.

Road Traffic Accidents

May 25, 2018

Road traffic accident – whiplash and injury

February 21, 2018

Mr B sought our advice following a road traffic accident on a Ministry of Defence (MOD) base in Germany. Mr B had sustained a whiplash injury with associated headaches together with a soft tissue injury to his right knee.

Road traffic collision – car accident

February 21, 2018

Mrs W was involved in a road traffic accident when she was travelling around a roundabout and another car entered the roundabout and drove into collision with her vehicle. The insurers for the other driver admitted liability for the accident.