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Employment Lawyers

August 19, 2019

Employment Lawyers Winchester

August 19, 2019

Employment Lawyers Southampton

August 19, 2019

Employment Lawyers Salisbury

August 19, 2019

Employment Lawyers Poole

August 19, 2019

Employment Lawyers Bournemouth

August 19, 2019

Workers need great places to work, not Ghost Towns

March 19, 2019

As well as offering attractive premises to work from, employers need to help their local town or city to be an attractive place to live and work in.

Right to Rent checks – are they discriminatory?

March 6, 2019

The High Court certainly thinks so and said as much in a robust judgement last week.


May 25, 2018

The Good Work Plan

February 7, 2018

In the wee small hours of this morning I was pottering up the A303 to Basingstoke (sunrise over the Festival Centre is well worth seeing) and heard the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy extolling his departments “Good Work Plan”. It sounded impressive but I found myself wondering about its substance so I looked it up. It turns out the plan is in fact a 5 page press…