Professional Negligence

Claims against professionals continue to increase. We have a highly-experienced team of professional litigation lawyers who are well-versed in claims against all types of professionals.

We have advised on claims against:

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Surveyors / Valuers
  • Independent Financial Advisors
  • Pension Trustees

The cases that the professional litigation lawyers in the team deal with are not just high value claims, many are for much smaller amounts. In each case the objective is to try and settle the claim as quickly as possible, using the professional negligence Pre-Action Protocol and mediation as an alternative to litigation. A significant number of professional negligence claims do not in fact even get to the stage where court proceedings are necessary, meaning that a settlement is achieved within months rather than years.

As professional commercial litigation lawyers we are flexible and innovative in relation to funding in appropriate circumstances. This can involve, in appropriate cases, conducting claims under a Conditional Fee Agreement where you only pay the disbursements as the claim proceeds, or discounted fee arrangements where a lower fee is charged if the claim is unsuccessful but a larger fee if it succeeds. Details of these arrangements can be provided on request.

Meet the team

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Karl Cameron


Jennifer Bowes