Refusing a change to my Employment Contract

From time to time, your employer will look to make a change to your terms and conditions. When your employer approaches you with this, you are faced with a dilemma – should you accept or refuse?

Clearly, some changes may have a minor impact and, whilst you may not be happy based on principle, you may finally agree to accept. However, in other cases, the change will have a significant impact on you and your family, such as a change of pay, change of workplace or working hours. Your question is then – do I have to accept the change and, if I don’t, what will happen?

When you are faced with this conundrum, taking legal advice is essential. Most employees’ natural instinct is to refuse any change however, if you are not properly advised, unreasonably refusing to accept a change can irreparably damage your relationship with your employer and ultimately cost you your job. This is because some changes will be lawful and fair. That said, others will be a breach of your employment contract giving you the right to bring an employment tribunal claim. It is important to understand that once you accept a change, it is very difficult to unpick it and argue that your old terms apply. Further, this will usually result in you losing your rights to claim breach of contract.

Our employment contract solicitors can help with:

  • Confirming whether an employer’s proposed change is lawful or not
  • How to negotiate with your employer
  • How to lawfully resist the change
  • How to bring a claim if you cannot agree with your employer
  • Confirmation of whether your employer is following a fair process
  • Collective consultation, Union negotiations and collective bargaining

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