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Our team of Will writing solicitors take into account all aspects of your situation to help you create a comprehensive plan for your inheritance and to ensure your loved ones will be looked after.

Making a Will is important; it allows you to decide exactly what happens to your assets, money and property when you pass away and will make the administration process easier and less expensive for your family. It also allows you to make decisions such as who should look after your young children.

Our team of experienced Will writing solicitors will guide you through the process of writing a Will that covers everything you need it to, leaving you with total peace of mind that your affairs are in order. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements on 0800 2800 421.

What happens if you die without a Will?

If you do not have a Will in place, your estate will be distributed in accordance with the ‘rules of intestacy’, which can result in an unmarried partner, friends and charities being left out of your inheritance against your wishes. If you die and have no living relatives, then your entire estate will belong to the government, this law is known as bona vacantia.

Any inheritance tax owed by your estate will more than likely be higher than if you had written a Will, which means that beneficiaries will receive less.

Why you should update your Will

Your Will is not something that you can just ignore once created. Situations change; for example, you may have acquired new assets or money that you didn’t have before or your personal circumstances may have changed. It is therefore important that you remember to review your Will every 3-5 years at a minimum, to ensure it is always up to date and all parts of your estate are accounted for.

At Trethowans, we will store your Will securely on your behalf and make updating your Will a simple, hassle-free process. If you ever need to make a change to your Will (whether or not we wrote your original Will), or need to write one from scratch, don’t hesitate to contact our Wills and Probate team in Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Salisbury or Winchester on 0800 2800 421.

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