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Glossary Of Terms

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FDA (First Directions Appointment)
A procedural Hearing at which the District Judge will consider the contents of the Requests for Further Information and Documents filed by each party and determine the extent to which the parties are to respond to them and the timeframe in which to do so. The District Judge will also Order valuation evidence if this is in dispute. No final decision will be made at this Hearing unless an agreement is reached as to the terms of the overall financial settlement.

FDR (Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing)
A without prejudice Hearing at which the District Judge will consider the financial documentation provided to date and hear submissions from both parties or their legal representatives as to each party’s respective positions. Having done so, the District Judge will then give an indication as to the terms of the Order he would expect the Court to make were it determining the application on the information provided to date. The purpose of this Hearing is to encourage and facilitate negotiations with a view to achieving an overall settlement. If this is achieved, the District Judge will be invited to approve an Order made by consent. If settlement is not reached at this Hearing, the District Judge will determine what further evidence the Court requires and list the application for a Final Hearing at a later date.

FHDRA (First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment)
The initial Hearing on an application made with reference to a child at which the Court will consider the issues that exist between the parties; whether it is possible to resolve those issues with the assistance of a professional third party and determine what further evidence is required before it can determine the application.

Financial Remedies Order
An Order setting out the terms of the financial settlement as between you both.

Form A
An application for a financial remedies Order.

Form E
A Financial Statement setting out full details of an individual’s property and income accompanied by documentary evidence in support which is then exchanged with the other party in order to provide full and frank financial disclosure, thereby enabling consideration to be given to the terms of an overall financial settlement.

Form G
A notice to the Court confirming whether or not the First Directions Appointment (FDA) can be used as a Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing (FDR).

Form H
A statement of the costs incurred by the party up to and including the date of the Hearing within a financial remedies application.


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