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It is always nerve wracking when questions arise about your personal immigration status or your prospects of getting a visa. It is about far more than where you live – it is your life, hopes and dreams for you and your family.

Our immigration solicitors understand what you are facing from both a personal and professional angle. We will guide you through the complexities of the UK’s immigration rules and practice. We will help you identify which visa is right for you, assess your eligibility and your right to work in the UK, assist you with the supporting documents and guide you through the application. We’ll also help you apply for British citizenship, or register your children as British.

If your application is refused, we will guide you through your options – including how to bring an appeal. If you are a European living in the UK, we’ll consider the implications of Brexit and the EU Settlement Scheme. Above all, we will be clear and realistic. If our analysis of your case shows you can’t succeed, we’ll say so.

“I had been extremely worried about my residency since the ‘hiccup’ during my last entry to the UK! I cannot reiterate my sense of relief after leaving your firm. Thank you.”

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