Notary Public

Do you require the services of a Notary Public?  Notaries are required for the preparation and execution of many legal documents for use abroad. The Notary’s endorsement of a document with their signature and seal means that it can be relied upon with confidence and recognised worldwide.

Along with solicitors and barristers, Notaries form part of the regulated legal services sector and are the oldest branch of the legal profession in the UK; their origins can be traced back to Roman times. They act as a public certifying officer particularly for documents with an international element. There are far fewer Notaries in the country than there are barristers and solicitors so we are fortunate to have our own in-house experienced Notary Public, Sandra Graham.

Sandra is able to provide notarial services for corporate and business requirements and those of individuals. She provides an efficient, personal, professional service and is prepared to travel to the client’s office or home, and offers appointments outside normal office hours on request. Sandra is also a qualified solicitor of over 30 years standing.

Services include:

Notarisation of Powers of Attorney for use in other countries, for example for sale and purchase of property, delegating someone to deal with your affairs in another country, litigation, probate
Certifying copies of official documents, for example educational documents for employment abroad
Affidavits and Declarations for use abroad
Parental consents for children travelling abroad
Corporate documentation for opening branches/offices/subsidiary companies abroad or for tenders or agency/distribution agreements
Verification of facts in respect of corporate organisations
Confirmation of facts, for example, in connection with pending marriage abroad
Attestation of authenticity of documents
Protesting bills of exchange
Ship protests
Arranging translations of documents before being notarised

Legalisation and the Hague ‘apostille’

A great majority of documents for use abroad will need either an apostille to be affixed after being notarised or will need legalisation by the consulate of the country to which the document is bound. Sandra Graham can arrange this as part of the service offered, including, if required onward transmission of the document by courier service thereafter to its recipient in the foreign country.

Sandra is a member of The Notaries Society. Please feel free to contact Sandra for further advice, assistance, or an estimate of the costs involved.