Leasehold Enfranchisement Solicitors

We have a team of experienced leasehold enfranchisement solicitors on hand to help you extend your lease or acquire the freehold of your flat. Our team has many years of experience and can guide you through the process with an efficient, tailored service.

What is leasehold enfranchisement?

‘Leasehold enfranchisement’ is a complex area of law that requires specialist legal advice. It includes the processes of lease extension, freehold acquisition and correction of management problems within residential leasehold properties.

At Trethowans, our leasehold enfranchisement solicitors have the expertise to assist you in:

  • Extending the lease of your Flat or Leasehold House
  • Acquiring the freehold of your block (Collective Enfranchisement)
  • Acquiring the freehold of your leasehold house
  • Accepting the Rights of First Refusal
  • Right to Manage Claims
  • Recommending reliable and suitably experienced valuers or surveyors for your particular circumstances

We have offices located across the South, including Salisbury, Southampton, Winchester, Poole, Bournemouth & London. However, we are also happy to work remotely in order to help clients across the rest of the UK with their leasehold requirements. Call Trethowans today on 0800 2800 421 or submit a quick contact form to arrange a callback.

Accredited leasehold enfranchisement experts

Trethowans LLP are members of ALEP (the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners). ALEP is an association of professionals highly experienced in the residential leasehold sector and dedicated to providing an exceptional service for clients.

Membership of ALEP is an assurance to leaseholders and freeholders that they can be sure to receive a consistently high level of service, integrity and professionalism. All member firms are rigorously vetted, so you can feel confident that we have a proven track record in leasehold enfranchisement.

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Why should I extend my lease?

You should always try to ensure that your lease has over 80 years remaining. Properties with a shorter lease are typically considered less valuable and can be more difficult to sell or get a mortgage on. In addition, once the years remaining on your lease falls below 80, the premium to extend it can increase significantly due to an extra form of payment called ‘Marriage Value’.

If you are unsure how many years are left on your lease, or you want to discuss lease extension, get in touch with our team of helpful lease extension solicitors on 0800 2800 421. We will be happy to advise your further.

What are the benefits of owning the freehold?

Leasehold houses and flats can come with a lot of restrictions and additional costs, such as ground rent and service charges.

When you own the freehold of your property, you have more control and will no longer have to worry about paying ground rent or future costs for extending your lease. Within a block of flats, this can be achieved through a process called Collective Enfranchisement, where a group of leaseholders (flat owners) joining together to buy the freehold.

If you are thinking of acquiring the freehold of your flat or home, our leasehold enfranchisement solicitors can offer leading advice on how to proceed. Call 0800 2800 421 to speak to a member of our team.

Why choose our leasehold enfranchisement solicitors?

Our leasehold enfranchisement lawyers have years of experience helping clients to extend their lease or acquire the freehold of their property. They strive to make the entire process as stress-free as possible, keeping you informed at every stage of the process.

If you require the assistance of one of our leasehold enfranchisement solicitors, don’t hesitate to contact Laura Russell or submit an online enquiry form today. We have offices located in Bournemouth, Poole, Salisbury, Southampton, Winchester and London for your convenience.

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