Glossary of Legal Terms

The legal world can be confusing. We hope this legal glossary helps clear up any legal terms that you may have been previously unfamiliar with.

The solicitors and legal experts at Trethowans are experienced in working alongside clients with little to no previous understanding of the law. We don’t overcomplicate our legal services, so you can rely on us to give you clear, honest legal advice at all times. Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated lawyers today.

Legal Glossary

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The individual being charged with breaking the law.

An affirmation has the same legal effect as taking an oath on the stand, without the religious implications.

Someone who acts on the behalf of someone else. Your solicitor is often considered your agent.

When two parties reach a consensus on a set of facts or a course of action.

A legal accusation made against someone that has not yet been proved.

To request that a legal sentence or conviction be revoked or reconsidered.

A type of dispute resolution that involves using an arbitrator to settle a case without going to court.

Things, either physical or otherwise, that hold value to a business or individual.

Solicitors that are not of a Partner level but are more experienced than an assistant solicitor.

Assured tenancy
Tenants on an assured tenancy agreement have more rights to stay on after the end of the agreed tenancy period than in a short assured tenancy agreement.