Glossary of Legal Terms

The legal world can be confusing. We hope this legal glossary helps clear up any legal terms that you may have been previously unfamiliar with.

The solicitors and legal experts at Trethowans are experienced in working alongside clients with little to no previous understanding of the law. We don’t overcomplicate our legal services, so you can rely on us to give you clear, honest legal advice at all times. Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated lawyers today.

Legal Glossary

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Monetary compensation for loss or injury caused by a wrongful act.

A legal document, usually regarding the ownership if a property, that is signed and delivered.

Money for property repair work required by the renter, as specified in their lease.

Payments made by an agent on the behalf of a client when carrying out a legal service. This is very common when looking to buy a home, for example, local authority searches.

Sharing relevant documents with the opposition in a legal dispute.

Dispute resolution
The process of concluding a legal dispute between two bodies.

The act of officially disbanding a partnership, official body or assembly.

Due diligence
Extensive research into a business, investment or deal to confirm all facets are correct before entering into an agreement.