Clinical Negligence Claim for Sub-standard Hip Replacment

James Braund, specialist personal injury lawyer, has recently concluded a clinical negligence claim arising from a sub-standard hip replacement operation.

The brief

Mrs E underwent a total hip replacement operation in February 2016. Unfortunately, the surgery did not go well and she experienced two hip dislocations in March and April 2016. Further investigations suggested that the hip replacement had been malaligned and bone fragments (osteophytes) had also been left in the cup. Following the second hip dislocation, Mrs E underwent further revision surgery on the hip. This seemed to assist, but she was still left with some aching and restriction.

In addition, throughout this time and her recovery from the revision surgery, Mrs E could only mobilise using crutches. This put a lot of strain on her arms and significantly aggravated and exacerbated a pre-existing elbow injury (which had previously been non symptomatic). As a result, Mrs E had to undergo surgery to her elbow. However, she was also left with some pain and limitation with her elbow.

Mrs E approached James Braund at Trethowans LLP in around October 2017 for help claiming compensation.

What our personal injury lawyers did to help

James undertook a full and comprehensive background from Mrs E and commenced investigation into matters. James obtained and reviewed Mrs E’s medical records and obtained independent expert evidence from an independent orthopaedic hip surgeon regarding the standard of the hip replacement surgery.

Matters regarding the expert evidence were complex, but James was able to negotiate a way through the relevant issues and, following his presentation of the claim to the Hospital, fault was admitted by the other side. James then obtained significant further independent expert evidence both from a hip specialist and an elbow specialist regarding the injuries which Mrs E had suffered due to this treatment, whilst gathering details of the financial losses Mrs E had suffered and would suffer in the future.

On the back of this further evidence which was obtained, further negotiations ensued and James was able to settle the claim in the sum of £100,000.

Client testimonial

Mrs E commented: “From the beginning, when I first met James Braund, he was helpful, informative and very knowledgeable about his line of work. He put me totally at ease from the beginning. James was very thorough and took his time to explain things to me. I feel that he went above and beyond with this case and never gave up. I cannot thank him enough for the result that he achieved in this case and put it down to his determination and expertise”.

James Braund is a specialist personal injury and clinical negligence solicitor working at Trethowans LLP’s Poole and Bournemouth offices in Dorset. He has helped numerous clients over the years to achieve the best possible compensation for their personal injury claims. If you’ve sustained an injury due to medical negligence, don’t hesitate to contact James on 01202 339014.