How we charge for our services

The law can be complex, but as a client your experience of working with a law firm should be straightforward, clear and helpful.

We pride ourselves on being as clear and transparent as we can be in our fees and charging structures, ensuring you have relevant pricing information to allow an informed choice to be made when instructing us.

No two matters on which we are instructed are the same, as each matter truly is unique – as you and your circumstances are unique to you. Consequently, meaningful pricing information can only be provided on a case by case basis for many of the areas in which we practice, so that it is tailored to fit with individual client circumstances and needs.

There are some services for which reliable pricing information can be provided in a more general sense, providing greater transparency upfront to allow clients to make an initial assessment as to the fees and charging structures they can expect.

These services are:

We have set out what you can expect in terms of fees and charging structures when instructing Trethowans to deliver these services. We have made every effort to be as clear as possible in determining what is and isn’t included, any additional costs which may apply, who will be working on your matter and what happens should your circumstances change. Please click the links below to find out more.

For specific pricing information in relation to these services, or for information as to how we would charge for the range of other services that we offer, please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.