Pricing for Employment Tribunals

Employment Tribunal Pricing

This overview relates to the following Services only:

The Services

  • Representing an individual bringing an Employment Tribunal claim against their employer for either unfair or wrongful dismissal; or
  • Representing an organisation defending a claim in an Employment Tribunal claim for either unfair or wrongful dismissal.

Estimated costs for other tribunal claims, including discrimination can be given after reviewing your claim.

The Services: The Costs

Level 1: £10,000 to £14,000 (plus VAT of between £2,000 and £2,800)
One to two-day hearing, up to 100 pages of documents and little to no settlement negotiations.

Level 2: £14,000 to £20,000 (plus VAT of between £2,800 and £4,000)
Two to three day hearing, up to 500 pages of documents and several settlement discussions.

Things that can/will increase costs include:

  • Complicated facts requiring detailed explanation or witness evidence
  • The number of documents requiring review and contained in the trial bundle (the more here are the higher the costs)
  • The requirement for a Case Management discussion or other preliminary hearing
  • The number of hearing days required (the more there are the higher the costs)
  • The extent and complexity of settlement negotiations
  • Client-led contact
  • The complication of the settlement deal (e.g. where shares, bonuses etc are relevant)
  • Change or late instructions
  • Change of facts or late disclosure of documents.
  • The way in which your opponent conducts their case.

The following costs are not included:

  • Attending and preparing for a preliminary hearing (for example a half day hearing with evidence to deal with a legal issue)
  • Any work relating to an appeal to the Employment Appeals tribunal
  • Any advice or work undertaken pre-dismissal/ resignation and/or dealing with internal processes
  • A barrister’s fees if you instruct us to retain a barrister on your behalf
  • Experts costs (e.g. medico-legal reports)
  • Travel or hotel costs for attending hearings or meetings away from our offices (if required)

The Services: Key stages

  • Initial review of relevant documents. Identifying, considering and advising on the relevant legal principles/claims.
  • Dealing with ACAS including ACAS conciliation.
  • Completing ET1 (claim) or ET3 (defence) (as appropriate).
  • Dealing with the schedule of loss.
  • Attending and preparing for a case management discussion.
  • Preparing a list of documents.
  • Considering the documents from the other side.
  • Preparing and/or agreeing the trial bundle.
  • Preparing witness statements.
  • Corresponding with you, the claimant/respondent and the Employment Tribunal.
  • Liaising with a claimant/respondent in order to try and agree terms for the settlement.
  • Preparing for hearing and a solicitor from the team attending and representing you at the hearing; or briefing a barrister to appear on your behalf if agreed.
  • Dealing with remedies/compensation.

Note: All barristers’ costs will be in addition to our costs set out above.

The Services: The Timescales

As every case is different, it is difficult to provide an accurate time estimate for the conclusion of a claim. There are a number of variables that can affect the length of a case, for example:

  • The complexity of the case.
  • Changes in the law.
  • How quickly the Employment Tribunal can list the case for a hearing and how efficiently they deal with correspondence. There is a significant backlog in the Employment Tribunals currently. These are matters outside of our control.
  • The availability and clarity of the instructions and documents provided by you.
  • The way in which your opponent conducts their case.
  • At what point in the process the case is resolved, for example if the case is successfully resolved through settlement negotiations as opposed to a hearing.
  • Typically, if a case goes to final hearing, it is likely to take in the region of 12 to 18 months.

The Team

All advice is given by a team of qualified solicitors, ranging from 4-16 years post qualification experience. We are also supported by a trainee.

All team members are supervised by a partner. Details of the individuals within the team and their qualifications and experience can be found in their profiles.

We do not offer the following:

  • Free initial consultations
  • No-win no-fee agreements
  • Conditional fee agreements

Any services required outside those set out in the Services section would be quoted separately on an individual basis.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, all of the fees and disbursements referred to would be subject to VAT, payable in addition, calculated at the standard rate of 20%.


Disbursements are additional costs related to your matter that would typically be incurred by us on your behalf to ensure that the matter progresses in an efficient manner and would be added to your bill for payment together with your fees.

The disbursements that you could expect to be charged in respect of these matters include:

  • In most cases, we will advise you to retain a barrister to conduct tribunal hearings for you. The fees will be linked to the seniority of the barrister (Junior, Leading Junior or KC), their availability, the length of the hearing and the complexity of the case. Barristers’ will charge a “brief” fee as a minimum cost for taking on the matter. In addition, barristers’ will charge an additional fee incurred for each day they work in Tribunal (a “refresher fee”). The brief fee can range from £2,000 up to £60,000 (plus VAT of between £400 and £12,000). The “Refresher fee” can range from £500 per day up to £10,000 a day (plus VAT of between £100 and £2,000). In all cases, we will help you choose the correct level of barrister to suit your needs and budget.
  • Travel or hotel costs for attending hearings or meetings away from our offices. It is impossible to provide generic information about these expenses and we will discuss them with you on a case by case basis if they apply. VAT is payable on travel and hotel costs.
  • Any person required to give expert evidence in your case. It is impossible to provide generic information about these expenses and we will discuss them with you on a case by case basis if they apply. VAT may be payable on them.
  • There are currently no Tribunal fees payable to bring a claim. However, it has been indicated that Tribunal fees may be reintroduced in the future. If Tribunal fees are reintroduced, then this is a disbursement that you will be required to pay. You will be notified if and when such fees are reintroduced.

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