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How We Charge For Our Services
Residential Repossession

Team Members and Supervision

The Debt Recovery team is frequently recommended by existing clients, many of whom have a long standing relationship with the firm.

Details of the individuals within the team and their qualifications and experience can be found in their profiles.

Fees and Charging Structures

The fee information set out in this document relate specifically to those services in the ‘Services’ section and is indicative only. Once the full details relating to your particular matter are understood, we will provide a specific fee proposal which, upon confirmation of our instruction through a signed client engagement letter and terms of business, will form the contractual basis upon which we will deliver our services.

During the progress of any matter it is possible that fees may change, up or down, due to change in your instructions, or because it is necessary to reassess the level of complexity of the matter should new information come to light or circumstances change. Should this be the case, we would discuss this with you at the time and agree any changes before progressing.

Any additional services required outside those set out in the Services section would be quoted separately on an individual basis.


Residential repossession services for rental properties including Section 21 Claims, Section 8 Claims and post possession damages claims.  We can manage the proves from service of notice through to eviction and recovery of arrears and compensation.

Key stages in delivering these services

The life of a claim can vary dramatically on a case by case basis. In our experience, non-contested cases can take between one month and nine months. We will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate once we have understood your particular circumstances.

How we would charge for these services

We predominately charge fixed fees at each stage of the matter, payable at the point the step is taken:


  • Initial instruction charge: £75 (plus VAT of £15)
  • Review Notices previously served: £150 (plus VAT of £30)
  • Section 8 Notice: £150 (plus VAT of £30)
  • Section 21 Notice: £150 (plus VAT of £30)


  • Preparing court papers: £300 (plus VAT of £60)
  • Claim Fee: £391
  • Instructing Agent to attend hearing: £75 (plus VAT of £15)


  • Instructing Bailiff: £50 (plus VAT OF £10)

Post Possession Work

  • Instruction charge: £75 (plus VAT of £15)
  • Post-possession Review: £100 (plus VAT of £20)
  • Letter Before Action: £50 (plus VAT of £10)

Trace work

We will charge you a fee of £45 (plus VAT of £9) for undertaking a trace.

Defended claims will be handled by the Commercial Recoveries Team. In such circumstances our fees for assisting will be charged on a time spent basis. The hourly rates for the Team are:

  • Partner: £260 per hour (plus VAT of £52 per hour)
  • Paralegal: £125 per hour (plus VAT of £25 per hour)
  • Debt Recovery Assistant: £90 per hour (plus VAT of £18 per hour)

What these fees include

  • Pre-legal matters – includes taking your initial instructions, issuing a letter before claim and any non-complex correspondence with the debtor
  • Claims – includes taking your instructions, undertaking appropriate searches and issuing the claim
  • Enforcement – includes advising you on the options, drafting and preparing the appropriate application/request and continued monitoring of the process
  • Defended claims – receiving, reviewing and advising on the contents of the defence, filing directions questionnaires, representing you in telephone mediation, drafting and filing witness statements and evidence, briefing an agent/counsel

What these fees do not include

Our fees do not include advice or action on any issues that do not relate to recovery of your debt or representation at hearings. Nor do they include complex cases or claims where counterclaims are filed.  Any correspondence which falls outside of the fixed fee will be charged at an hourly rate.


Disbursements are additional costs related to your matter that would typically be incurred by us on your behalf to ensure that the matter progresses in an efficient manner and would be added to your bill for payment together with your fees.

The disbursements that you could expect to be charged in respect of these matters include:

  • Court Issue Fee £391
  • Warrant of Possession Fee £143
  • Writ of Possession Fee £78
  • Advocate’s fee for attending Court £90 to £150 (plus VAT of £18 to £30)

Additional disbursements can arise for instructing experts, enhanced tracing or bespoke court applications. Where applicable, quotes will be obtained.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, all of the fees and disbursements referred to would be subject to VAT, payable in addition, calculated at the standard rate of 20%.

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