International Debt Recovery

Our team of international debt recovery solicitors offer solutions to international collection for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to listed companies.

When pursuing a debtor overseas, navigating laws and jurisdiction can be a complex process, as legal systems vary from country to country. Dealing with international debt recovery requires specialist, in-depth knowledge of the various procedures of the country in question, as well as contacts with local legal teams who can be trusted.

So, when you are facing difficulties recovering from overseas, you need a team of professional and experienced solicitors by your side to advise you on the best way forward.

If the debt in question relates to English terms and conditions, then our team will be able to issue proceedings from the UK and take enforcement action in the country the debtor is residing in. However, if the terms and conditions of the agreement are governed by another country, then we would potentially need to refer your case to solicitors located in that country to issue proceedings.

Following Brexit you can no longer make a European Payment Order or use the European Small Claims procedure to recover money you’re owed by someone in an EU country.

Our solicitors are able to cover a wide range of countries and regions across the world, such as America, Canada, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Why choose Trethowans?

Our experienced international debt recovery solicitors possess the necessary specialist skills and knowledge of foreign enforcement techniques to achieve a successful outcome on your behalf. We offer:

  • Dedicated team specialising in international debt recovery
  • Flexible services adapted to your specific needs
  • Years of experience successfully recovering debts from overseas
  • Cost-effective debt recovery services

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