Road traffic accident: head-on collision

Mr T was involved in a road traffic accident involving a head-on collision on country lanes in Hampshire in April 2010.

Following this accident Mr T discovered that due to a mistake made by his insurance brokers his insurance cover was in fact invalid. The other driver’s insurance company tried to settle the claim on a 50/50 basis directly with Mr T, which would have meant that potentially Mr T would have had to have paid for 50% of the other vehicle’s damage as well as only being able to claim for 50% of his own vehicle damage, injuries and other losses which had been caused by the accident.

Mr T then consulted James Braund at Trethowans LLP who managed to secure a full admission of liability from the other driver’s insurance company, meaning that Mr T did not have to pay anything to the other driver.

Mr T himself suffered an exacerbation of pre-existing knee and back injuries in the accident and we were able to successfully negotiate the sum of £6,600.00 in settlement of Mr T’s claim without the need to commence Court proceedings.