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Trethowans invest into Digital Workspace solution to optimise IT experience


Following an extensive IT strategy review conducted by independent legal IT consultants, Trethowans have selected Oosha to provide a Digital Workspace solution and IT support to their 250 employees.

Trethowans have made significant investments into their technology over the past couple of years to support the firm’s business strategy. This started with the decision to implement Linetime Liberate as their new practice management system.

This investment is now being complimented by the adoption of a Teams optimised Digital Workspace provided by Oosha as the Managed Service Provider.

Trethowans wanted to partner with a service provider who could create an environment that was ‘secure, supports mobility and remote working, drives efficiencies and adapts over time as the firm’s needs change or new technology becomes available.’ All of which they felt Oosha could more than satisfy.

Equally as important as Oosha’s technical capabilities and extensive experience in working with law firms, was the cultural synergy between the two organisations. For Trethowans, creating a working relationship with an IT partner who they felt could add value not just with their internal IT, but also the client-facing technology strategy was particularly attractive with Oosha.

Julian Hamblin, IT Partner at Trethowans commented “We were impressed from the outset by Oosha’s clear customer focus and their understanding of our vision for the firm’s investment in its IT infrastructure. Even in this early stage of working together to achieve our objectives, many of our staff have commented on how friendly the Oosha team are, and how they go the extra mile to be helpful”.

Matt Newton, Managing Director at Oosha commented “Trethowans are an exceptional firm full of great people. To have the opportunity to work with such a respected law firm is a real honour as we move Oosha forward into our next stage of growth.

To add another Top 150 law firm to our client base is really fantastic and a testament to our dedication to becoming the leading IT partner to UK law firms. I truly believe they have made the right choice in selecting Oosha to provide a digital workspace and IT support.”

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