Good Divorce Week

28 Nov 2016

As members of Resolution, a national organisation promoting the constructive and non-confrontational approach to all family matters, the Family Team at Trethowans will be supporting Good Divorce Week (28 November – 2 December)

The focus of the campaign and theme of the week is to promote Resolution’s Code of Practice – which sets out how we should best represent you. For example, the Code requires us to:

  • Listen to you and be honest with you;
  • Explain all options and give you the confidence to make the right decision;
  • Help you focus on your long term goals;
  • Help you balance the financial and emotional impact of the family breakdown;
  • Work with others to find the right approach and best solution for you; and
  • Manage stress in what is already a difficult situation.

During Good Divorce Week, Resolution will be hosting a Lobby Day in Parliament. On 30November, 150 members of Resolution will be travelling to Westminster to meet with their MP. The focus of the Lobby Day will be two fold:

Campaigning for ‘no fault’ divorce

As it currently stands, there is only one ground on which a Petition for divorce may be presented to the Court by either party to the marriage and that is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. To evidence ‘irretrievable breakdown’, the person seeking the divorce relies on a fact of adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion or separation. Unfortunately, the need to blame a party for the marriage breakdown can often cause unnecessary difficulty and conflict. The introduction of a ‘no-fault’ divorce could greatly assist in reducing the inevitable tensions that arise on marriage breakdown. Perhaps more importantly, the ‘no-blame’ culture would allow couples to focus on more important issues, namely arrangements for the children and the financial consequences of divorce.

Campaigning to improve rights for cohabiting couples

Resolution has researched that 47% of the public aged 18 – 34 think that cohabiting couples have the same legal rights as their married counterparts. Living with your partner does not of itself afford you any legal rights and, in law, the status of “common law husband and wife” does not exist. As the cohabiting family is the fastest growing family unit in the UK, Resolution strongly believe it is time to tackle this issue and is calling for a legal framework to protect unmarried couples when they split up. The priority is to secure fair outcomes for all.

At Trethowans, we support the good work of Resolution and await the feedback from Lobby Day. Furthermore, and in support of Good Divorce Week, the Family Team actively promotes the opportunity for you to benefit from a Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation with a family specialist in our Salisbury, Southampton, Poole and Winchester offices. Should the above generate any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.