We know that families come in all shapes and sizes and family law can be an emotional rollercoaster. Statistics show that one half of all children born today will experience family breakdown at some point in their lives.  Family separation is not easy and whilst there is a wealth of information out there, including on our website, it can sometimes become overwhelming.  For that reason, we decided to produce a podcast.

We wanted to create an informal and accessible way for our listeners to receive information from legal professionals. As we continue to make more episodes on a variety of topics, we hope we can provide our listeners with a resource that can help them navigate the situation they face.

What is the Candid Divorce Lawyer Podcast?

The Candid Divorce Lawyer Podcast is a series of short podcasts in which we explore everything family law related.  This could be the divorce process and how to successfully function in a co-parenting relationship, from how the Courts divide financial assets through to your rights as a parent.  We tackle all the questions our clients frequently ask us as we anticipate these are the sort of queries our listeners want to ask but often don’t know how or where to begin!

Why should you listen to a lawyer’s podcast?

We’ve compiled our years of expertise, as well as personal experiences and anecdotes, into the Candid Divorce Lawyer podcasts to try and help our listeners understand concepts, processes and just generally the world of family law and relationship breakdown.

What topics are discussed in the podcast?

The podcast is now very well established and so there is a full directory of lots of information available.  We discuss a wide range of topics from the divorce process, to taking children on holiday to pet-nups, to the importance of having a will.

We explore commonly asked questions and well as concepts many of our listeners may never have considered. We hope that providing this information for free, that our listeners can access at any time of day or night, we can help people feel better prepared for the situation they are facing.

Who should listen to the podcast?

Anyone! Maybe you are living with a stepchild and do not know whether you have parental responsibility for them.  Perhaps your friend is in an abusive relationship and you want to become better informed so that you can help them.  Maybe you are in a relationship and about to get married but want to protect your assets should things deteriorate in the future.

We aim to reach people of all ages in all different situations.

The Candid Divorce Lawyer explores the law, from marriage to divorce and everything in between. We stress that the podcast provides information.  It does not constitute legal advice and if you would like to speak to one of our family specialists to explore your specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 2800 421.

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