Even if the accident occurred in international waters, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim for an accident or illness suffered on a ship.

Lots of people use ships, boats and other marine transport for a variety of reasons – from holidaying on a cruise ships, to working on a fishing trawler or simply taking a ferry as a mode of transport.

Unfortunately, as with any other form of transport, accidents do, from time to time, happen at sea. Depending upon the circumstances, a claim may arise out of the accident and it may be possible to pursue such a claim through the Courts in England and Wales, even if the accident happened in international waters or in the territorial waters of another country.

If an accident occurs on a cruise ship, if the holiday was booked as part of a package holiday, then the Package Holiday regulations may apply. In any event, the Athens Convention may also apply which deals with such claims.

The situation in respect of accidents whilst working on a ship is also extremely complex and separate provisions such as the Merchant Shipping Regulations may apply.

Seeking compensation for an accident that occurred on a boat or ship can be an intricate process, requiring specialist knowledge and expertise of the surrounding regulations. It is therefore important that you seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible.

How long do I have to pursue an accident at sea compensation claim?

In the United Kingdom, victims of accidents usually have 3 years in which to bring an accident claim with the Court. However, claims arising out of accidents at sea must be commenced with the Court within 2 years.

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