Andy Duckworth

Finance Director



01722 426946 / 07884 437301

As Finance Director, Andy spends a great deal of time helping team leaders to financially manage their teams and, in conjunction with the Managing Partner, offers practical help to iron out areas that need attention.

As well as overseeing the finance function to ensure the smooth running of the firm, Andy is also a member of the board and works closely with the other board members. He is rightly proud of the firm’s enviable financial base and strives to ensure the firm continues to be run prudently with attention to detail, yet at the same time freeing up enough resources so that the firm can achieve its strategic goals.

Andy sits on the ILUA National committee which helps the firm identify challenges facing the legal world and chairs meetings of fellow Finance Directors to facilitate a more broader thought base.

Despite being with the firm for over 29 years Andy believes there is still much to achieve and his energy and commitment are second to none.